Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well the lay out of the day started by hoping in the van and picking up my mate Kezza who happened to be a damn legend and agree to come and give a hand of help for the day, then leaving for our small journey across coast to Whangamata were we would be running a fun promotion day with Whangamata surf.

We arrived in Whangamata to be greeted with some quality sun shine and began to build base for what was set to be a fun and busy day. Before we could finish setting up there was an array of frothing grommets and onlookers keen to check out what was going on. We set up the gorilla and Banana wheel. Cranked the BBQ and let the fun begin. People came by span the wheel, won a prize and took a sausage or two with them. There was a back flipping gorilla, gorillas on roofs, skating bananas, madness in the streets on the small beach town.

All in all it was a super cool day check the photos

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