Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Volcom Surf team kick off their WCT campaign last week with Dusty Payne, Dean Morrison, Clair Bevilacqua and Co Co Ho all competing in the Quicksilver Pro at Snapper rocks, while they were there they had time for a signing at City Beach store in Pac Fair. The Volcom marketing team screen printed tees at the store before handing them over to the Volcom Surf team to sign for the 100 + strong fans that turned out.

Crowd getting ready for the team to rock up

Dusty,Co Co,Claire and Dean taking a happy snap with some stoked fans

One of the girls bought her surf board to get signed

Redbull Girls stoking out the crowed

Grommy frothing on his new shirt that the boys just printed up

Thanks City Beach for a cracker night

When i was here lasr year, i had the best day and thought the skating was amzing! but the guys in Adelaide have stepped it up a gear since then. the skating here is going nuts. everyone here is killing it!

from the get go in the 15 & unders it was all on. kids were jumping down the big gap grinding the rails and even skating the big bowl.
in the finals it came down the 3 young rippers who dominated the day. in 3rd we had Jay Runciman who showed great all round skill but in the end it came down to Jordan Ryan-Midson and Jake Stratton. Jordan was in with a real good chance to take out this comp, but in the finals he hit his head and left the door open for Jake. Jake was all over the finals. with tricks all over the park, and a consistant matured style he is definitly one to keep and eye on.

in the girls we had 4 ladies skate. they all killed it. with this leg of the tour having the best girl skaters i have seen it was really hard for the judges to pick the top 3. but thats why its there job and not mine. in 3rd we had Madison Hay who was skating the big bowl better than any other girl on the day. In 2nd we had Sarah Hewitt who skates the kicker to flat bar and has a mean tre flip. but again the title would be taken out by Kathrine Williams. Kat won last year as well, but she sure had improved this year. her nose grind on the long ledge had the whole crowd screaming. well done girls!

then it came to the big boys...the skating in the division is always good, but these guys in Adelaide really went for it.
in 3rd we had Peter Z. Peter had some really nice tricks some of which were back 360 over the hip...with a noce grab at times, nollie 270 heels over the hip and a heap of tricks up the euro.
in 2nd was Angus Thomas. Angus was a crowd favourite and mine too. he skated everything in the park and give off the feeling of a well rounded skater. his back smith down the big rail in the finals was awesome! But the days biggest ticket went once again to Justin Edwards. Justins skating in a thing you have to see for yourself... why he isnt in th states kicking it with the big boys is beyond me. he has so many tricks and on every obsticle there! his consistancy makes me want to take up another sport and the style gives me that same feeling. His cab flip up the Euro was so easy for him, but the Kicky front board down the big rail was just insane.

Kathrine williams pictures above with a frontside nose grind

15 & under
16 & 0ver

Thanks to everyone that came down and enjoyed the day with us. a big shout out to Dan Ivett, Andy Walker and Nicky Oakes for all your help
cant wait to do it all again next year...

thanks to out sponsors:


Co Co was in fine form last week at the Roxy Pro placing 3rd in the event.
Co Co was surfing amazing throughout the event