Sunday, September 6, 2009


The first premier screening of Volcom's new surf film BS went down on Thursday 3rd of September at Volcom HQ in Sydney. The night was huge with a strong crowd of over 300 people packed the walls to see the epic new film. A DJ provided the tunes to warm the crew up, and as the VB Raw, Jim Beam and Red Bull flowed it was time for the screening. With the likes of Mitch Coleborn and Dusty Payne Starring in the movie there was no doubt the crowd had their eyes clued to the screen for the 40 min premier showing. The Goon Of Doom hit the stage right away and went nuts as the crowd rocked out hard.

An epic night had by all, spin the finger and scroll down to check out the night, captured through the eye of Andrew Christie. And if you missed the premier Fuel TV are premiering the movie on Sunday 13th September at 10:30am, Don't miss it!

The calm before the show

BS Screening

Eyes Glued on BS

Packed house

Sarah and Friend hmm!

Wow see that.. Bemrose

Girls enjoying the show!

Laura Enever and friend

Mitch and Spencer

Happy day's Jarrod

Sam and Mitch

The Boys loose..! Enever, Cathels & Salisbury

The Goons of Doom

Vaughan Dead

BS Rock out

Pizza Box Boys

Killer whale going nuts

Ozzie Wrong

Thanks for comin, from your friends at Volcom

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